We are Urbantz, a SaaS company that has taken the delivery industry by storm with its all-in-one last mile delivery management tool.

This captures who we are: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, one can google and get facts. But imagination encircles the world."- Albert Einstein.

If this quote made you go "Wait, what?", you’ll fit right in at Urbantz! Because just like us, you have a curious mind and you don’t just gobble up what’s being served. You challenge it, ponder over it and make it better.

That’s what we do on a daily basis. We come up with an idea, challenge it, ponder over it, make it better and implement it. Not for the sake of it, but to have an impact and improve how things are done.

We push ourselves and each other to foster our ideas and our ambitions. We work in a fast-changing environment. Only, we don’t undergo and adapt to the change; we cause the change.

We use setbacks as run-ups and hurdles as stepping stones to propel ourselves higher. And if the hurdles prove too high, we count on our resourcefulness and each other to push us over the top. Because we’re more than just a bunch of ambitious, critical thinkers. We champion each other and rise together.

If you think you could thrive at Urbantz, head over to our job offers and join us!


  • Jeroen De Swaef

    Senior Software Engineer

    “ I've worked in several companies before, the working environment at Urbantz is the best I ever experienced. Everyone in the team is a real A-player. Even when we make mistakes we laugh about it and in the end we learn from it. ”

  • Simon Beufkens

    Finance Officer

    “ I like URBANTZ's culture, and I love to see the impact I can have on the growth of the company. URBANTZ is always innovating. Initiatives are encouraged and my work is well valued. Cherry on the cake: international environment & fun colleagues! ”

  • Hospitalisation & Group Insurance

  • Collaborate with nice and openminded people

  • Extralegal holidays

  • Be part of a growing company

  • Work to make an impact

  • Company activities & yearly summer offsite